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Welcome to Deep Fat Fryers, the website full of information to help you decide which deep fat fryer is best for you.

Here you will find details and reviews of all of the best deep fat fryers available on the market today.

Tefal ActiFry AL800040 Low Fat Electric Fryer

Tefal ActifryThe Actifry system from Tefal has proved a revalation in home frying.  With Tefal ActiFry one spoonful of oil is sufficient to cook one kilogram of chips.  Food is cooked thoroughly to produce that lovely crispy outcome but is far more healthy than traditional fryers.  Fat content is approximately three per cent with ActiFry, but there is no compromise on taste.  The patented ActiFry hot air system combines with a unique stirring paddle to rotate your food and ensure that it is cooked through evenly.  Includes temperature control, odourless filter, free recipe book, timer, steam-free lid to view food and automatic lid.  Dishwasher safe.  Price £89.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

De’Longhi F26237 Deep Fryer with Total Clean System

delonghi deep fat fryerThis deep fat fryer from De’Longhi has a food capacity of 1 kg food capacity and a maximum oil capacity of 2.3 litres and has proved popular with fans of fried food looking to dispense with the time-consuming clear-up afterwards. It incorporates a Total Clean System allowing the electric unit to detach from the bowl meaning that the non-stick bowl and fryer body can be washed seperately.  Includes digital timer, viewing window, adjustable temperature control, anti-odour filter, ready-to-cook indicator and anti-slip rubber feet.  Price £54.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

Breville VDF059 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

breville deep fat fryerThe Breville deep fat fryer range is very strong.  This stainless steel model has an oil capacity of three litres and a food capacity of one kilogram, meaning there is ample room to feed your family.  Can cook a wide variety of foods from home made chips and fried fish to tempura, somosas and fritters.  Comes with variable temperature control allowing you to choose how crispy you cook your food.  Ready-to-cook indicator, cool-touch handles, removable enamel bowl for easy clean-up.  Includes one year manufacturer warranty.  Price £35.00 FREE DELIVERY  More

Russell Hobbs 3.3 Litre Stainless Steel Digital Deep Fryer

russell hobbs deep fat fryerThis Russell Hobbs deep fat fryer can cook up to 1.2 kilograms of food and hold up to 3.3 litres of oil.  It comes in a great looking stainless steel and black finish with easy lift handle system, large observation window, large temperature control and digitally controlled timer.  Not only is it very easy to use but also very easy to clean thanks to the removable lid, basket and non-stick pan.  Price £49.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

De’Longhi F28311 Roto Fry Deep Fryer with Easy Clean System

delonghi roto fryerThe De’Longhi F28311 Roto Fryer is a deep fat fryer with a difference.  It has an angled frying basket that rotates in half of the oil of a standard 1 kilogram capacity fryer, and an adjustable thermostat to help you cook perfectly fried food.  Includes De’Longhi’s patented ‘Easy Clean System’ with built-in drain hose to remove the oil for ease of use.  Comes with viewing window, automatic lid release button, non-stick bowl and replaceable anti-odour filter.  Price £59.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

Tefal Easy Pro FR101415 Fryer, 1.2 kg Capacity

tefal deep fat fryerTefal’s Easy Pro FR101415  deep fat fryer is a popular choice for frying enthusiasts featuring an efficient 2100W heating system, three litre oil capacity and 1.2 kilogram food capacity.   This model is very easy to use and comes with viewing window, safe handle cool touch, variable temperature control, metallic filter, ready to use indicator and overheating safety cut out. Easy to use and easy to clean.  One year guarantee.  Price £29.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

Morphy Richards 45081 Deep Fat Fryer

morphy richards deep fat fryerThe Morphy Richards Professional deep fat fryer makes frying, and cleaning up afterwards, very simple.  This model has a food capacity of 800g and a total capacity of two litres.  Comes with an attractive stainless steel finish.  Includes variable temperature control (150-190C), cool-touch handles and non-slip feet.  The fryer is easy to clean thanks to the removable control panel, lid and tank.  Price £29.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

Philips AirFryer Healthier Oil-Free Fryer

philips air fryerThe Philips AirFryer is a healthy alternative to a traditional deep fat fryer.  The AirFryer’s patented Rapid Air technology combines a grill with fast-circulating hot air to cook chips with up to 80% less fat without compromising on taste.  Has an integrated timer to pre-set cooking times and an auto-off function including sound indicator.  This fryer comes with a great little recipe booklet containing 30 easy-to-prepare recipes.  No oil required, although can be added for taste.  Price £89.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

Delonghi Coolzone Fryer with Easy Clean System

delonghi deep fat fryerDe’Longhi’s CoolZone Fryer is perfect for those looking to get into deep frying as it makes the job so easy.  It has a food capacity of one kilogram, and a maximum oil capacity of 3 litres.  Includes an easy to use display panel and  a “Cool Zone” under the basket to stop food from burning.  Comes with De’Longhi’s “Easy Clean System” for draining oil easily.  Overheating safety device included with adjustable temperature control.  Dishwasher compliant.  Price £57.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

Breville VDF054 Silver Plastic Deep Fat Fryer

breville deep fat fryerThe VDF054 deep fat fryer from Breville comes in a plastic silver finish which looks great in any modern kitchen and represents good value for money.  This model has an oil capacity of two litres and a food capacity of one kilogram.  Includes variable temperature control, removable safety locking lid, viewing window, cool-touch body, filter and non-stick feet.  Price £26.97  FREE DELIVERY  More

1Ltr Mini Deep Fat Fryer – Black

mini deep fat fryerThis mini deep fat fryer from Lloytron is a great entry level model and a very convenient appliance to store and use in the kitchen.  It has a one litre oil capacity and a power output of 840W – more than enough to cook your fish and chips perfectly.  Comes with non-slip rubber feet, removable handle, variable thermostat and ‘power’ and ‘heat’ Indicators.  Price £15.47  More

Tefal FF104115 Maxi-Compact Fryer, 1 kg Capacity

mini deep fat fryerThis is a mini deep fat fryer from Tefal which, despite being a bit smaller than conventional fryers, still provides portions of an adequate size.  The Maxi-Compact’s folding basket with bendable handle make storing it very easy.  It has a plastic cool wall for safe handling and comes with large viewing window and assisted-lid for easy opening.  One kilogram food capacity for good sized portions.  Price £28.52  FREE DELIVERY  More

Breville VDF065 Halo Health Fryer

breville health fryerBreville’s Halo Health Fryer is a rival to Tefal’s offering.  It only requires a spoonful of oil, or non at all when cooking oven chips and frozen foods.  In addition to the frying function, this handy appliance also allows you to bake, sauté and roast.  In terms of frying the removable paddle and non-stick rotating bowl ensure that your food is constantly moving and is cooked crisply and evenly.  A further function of the Breville Health Fryer is the halogen heat source which ensures that pre-heating is not required so that you can start cooking straight away.  Price £99.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

Breville VDF018 Professional Deep Fat Fryer

breville deep fat fryerThe VDF018 from Breville resembles those fryers found in professional kitchens with its stylish metalic finish.  It has an immersed heating system with an oil capacity of three litres and a food capacity of one kilogram.  Comes with a variable temperature control to regulate crispiness.  This fryer looks great and is easy to use and clean, and as a result has earned strong reviews.  Price £34.99  More

Shef – 3.5L Mini Deep Fat Fryer – Stainless Steel

mini deep fat fryerShef’s mini deep fat fryer is a serious piece of kit and has been given strong reviews by users.  If you’re looking for that real chip taste then look no further.  This fryer has a 3.5 litre oil capacity and an attractive stainless-steel housing finish – both practical and smart.  The high power output ensures fast heating and comes with variable heating control.  Easy to clean thanks to its dismantling parts.  Comes with non-slip rubber feet.   Price £19.99  More

De’Longhi F26215 1kg Deep Fat Fryer

delonghi deep fat fryerThe De’Longhi F26215 deep fat fryer is a great option for deep frying fans.  It has a one kilogram food capacity and a maximum oil capacity of 2.3 Litres. The F26215′s adjustable thermostat allows you to choose the right temperature to cook your food just as you like it.  It has a large viewing window to monitor progress, removable dishwasher-safe lid, odour filter, anti-slip rubber feet, cool-touch walls and ready-to-cook indicator.  Strong feedback from users on this model.  Price £36.79  FREE DELIVERY  More

Tefal ActiFry Family Low Fat Electric Fryer – 1.5 kg Capacity

tefal actifry familyIf you have several mouths to feed then Tefal’s ActiFry Family is the fryer for you.  It has all of the features of the original ActiFry but with 50% extra capacity, and can comfortably feed six people.  Requires only one spoonful of oil to cook 1.5kg of chips.  Price £158.00  FREE DELIVERY  More

Breville DF28 Easy-Clean Deluxe Fryer

breville deep fat fryerBreville’s stylish DF28 Easy-Clean Deluxe Fryer has a  two litre oil capacity and a one kilogram food capacity.  It comes with variable temperature control, rise and fall basket to drain oil from your food, non-stick bowl, removable lid for easy cleaning, non-slip feet and cool-touch body.  White and silver finish looks great in any kitchen.  One-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Price £56.47  More


Lloytron E815ss 1.5l Square Deep Fryer

deep fat fryerLloytron’s E815ss features an oil capacity of 1.5 litres.  Comes in a stylish chrome finish and square design to fit easily into any kitchen.  Fully removable handle, variable thermostat and rubber feet for stability.  Price £24.96  FREE DELIVERY  More


Team Frmx 1ltr Oil Capacity Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer

deep fat fryerThis compact deep fat fryer from Team has a stainless steel body, one litre oil capacity, variable thermostat, cool touch handles, non-stick inside, viewing window, odour filter and strong reviews.  Price £36.95  More


Mini Deep Fat Fryer

mini deep fat fryerThe Mini Deep Fat Fryer from Lloytron requires only half of the oil of a full size fryer, significantly reducing heating time so that you can cook yourself a small portion of chips in minutes.  Includes a multi-temperature control, built-in anti-odour filter and removable basket.  This model is compact, tidy and easy to use and clean.  Price £15.20  More

Hyundai Dual Deep Fat Fryer 2 x 3.5 Litre

deep fat fryerHyundai’s 2 x 3.5 Litre Capacity Stainless Steel fryers are ideal for use in pubs, cafes, at parties or even in the home.  Combined they allow you to cater for larger groups than traditional units.  They come with variable temperature control and overheat safety protection.  Price £44.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

Breville VDF073 Twin Basket Pro Fryer

breville deep fat fryerBreville’s twin basket Pro Fryer has a combined oil capacity of six litres and a combined food capacity of two kilograms giving you the ability to cater for large groups, client’s or parties with ease.  Use one side for your chips and one side for you fish.  Dismantles easily for convenient clean up and storage.  Variable controls for both fryers allows you to cook at different temperatures at the same time.  Includes non slip feet for stability. Price £70.00  FREE DELIVERY  More

Magimix 11606 Pro 500 4.0 Litre Deep Fat Fryer

deep fat fryerThe Magimix deep fryer has an oil capacity of four litres and a frying capacity of 1.5 kilograms of food allowing you to cook for larger groups with just the one unit.  Includes cool zone feature, dishwasher safe basket and easy-clean stainless steel body.  This fryer heats in just six minutes and has a thirty minute timer control with alarm and auto switch-off function.  Three year guarantee.  Price £89.10  FREE DELIVERY  More

Morphy Richards Red Deep Fat Fryer

red deep fat fryerThis red deep fat fryer from Morphy Richards looks great and is designed to fit stright into any kitchen with a red based theme.  Its striking appearance isn’t its only feature.  It has a three litre oil capacity and a one kilogram food capacity.  Includes variable temperature control, cool-touch handles, non-slip feet, and removable parts for easy cleaning.  Red stainless steel finish.  Price £39.99  FREE DELIVERY  More

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